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Explore our selection of casual and luxurious abayas.

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Triangle Detail Abaya SetTriangle Detail Abaya Set
Triangle Detail Abaya Set Sale price585.00 AED
Tiger Detail Abaya SetTiger Detail Abaya Set
Tiger Detail Abaya Set Sale price470.00 AED
Blue Pattern Abaya SetBlue Pattern Abaya Set
Blue Pattern Abaya Set Sale price470.00 AED
Glamour AbayaGlamour Abaya
Glamour Abaya Sale price870.00 AED
Bee Abaya SetBee Abaya Set
Bee Abaya Set Sale price625.00 AED
Golden Pearl AbayaGolden Pearl Abaya
Golden Pearl Abaya Sale price935.00 AED
Swarovski Stone Abaya SetSwarovski Stone Abaya Set
Swarovski Stone Abaya Set Sale price1,150.00 AED
Active Wear AbayaActive Wear Abaya
Active Wear Abaya Sale price380.00 AED
Cross Lines AbayaCross Lines Abaya
Cross Lines Abaya Sale price380.00 AED
Adi AbayaAdi Abaya
Adi Abaya Sale price380.00 AED
Adi HoodieAdi Hoodie
Adi Hoodie Sale price380.00 AED
Pleats Abaya SetPleats Abaya Set
Pleats Abaya Set Sale price530.00 AED
V Abaya Set Royal VelvetV Abaya Set Royal Velvet
V Abaya Set Royal Velvet Sale price935.00 AED
Shakira AbayaShakira Abaya
Shakira Abaya Sale price625.00 AED
Abaya Hayati Set (available in 3 colors)Abaya Hayati Set (available in 3 colors)
Abaya Jei Set (available in 3 colors)Abaya Jei Set (available in 3 colors)
Stormy AbayaStormy Abaya
Stormy Abaya Sale price685.00 AED
Abaya Zei SetAbaya Zei Set
Abaya Zei Set Sale price645.00 AED
Piping Zipper SetPiping Zipper Set
Piping Zipper Set Sale price470.00 AED
Sold outFrom The Heart Hoodie in RedFrom The Heart Hoodie in Red
From The Heart Hoodie in Red Sale price495.00 AED
Sold outSwarovski Abaya SetSwarovski Abaya Set
Swarovski Abaya Set Sale price1,355.00 AED
Escada Abaya SetEscada Abaya Set
Escada Abaya Set Sale price585.00 AED
Pearl AbayaPearl Abaya
Pearl Abaya Sale price530.00 AED
Mosaic AbayaMosaic Abaya
Mosaic Abaya Sale price745.00 AED
Hayati Abaya (black Royal Velvet)Hayati Abaya (black Royal Velvet)
Chiffon Saab AbayaChiffon Saab Abaya
Chiffon Saab Abaya Sale price465.00 AED
Kaplya Abaya SetKaplya Abaya Set
Kaplya Abaya Set Sale price880.00 AED
ST AbayaST Abaya
ST Abaya Sale price590.00 AED
3-Line Abaya3-Line Abaya
3-Line Abaya Sale price530.00 AED
Sheikha (black)Sheikha (black)
Sheikha (black) Sale price685.00 AED
Sheikha (cyan)Sheikha (cyan)
Sheikha (cyan) Sale price685.00 AED
Sheikha (beige)Sheikha (beige)
Sheikha (beige) Sale price685.00 AED
Adidas AbayaAdidas Abaya
Adidas Abaya Sale price350.00 AED