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Jalabiya RefinedJalabiya Refined
Jalabiya Refined Sale price650.00 AED
Mimosa DressMimosa Dress
Mimosa Dress Sale price685.00 AED
Anisa Embroidery Set in WhiteAnisa Embroidery Set in White
Anisa Embroidery Set in White Sale price465.00 AED
Gold Saturn DressGold Saturn Dress
Gold Saturn Dress Sale price655.00 AED
Flash DressFlash Dress
Flash Dress Sale price655.00 AED
Sold outCasual Dress in Bottle GreenCasual Dress in Bottle Green
Casual Dress in Bottle Green Sale price380.00 AED
Triangle Detail Abaya SetTriangle Detail Abaya Set
Triangle Detail Abaya Set Sale price585.00 AED
Floral Embroidery DressFloral Embroidery Dress
Floral Embroidery Dress Sale price685.00 AED
Wide Piping DressWide Piping Dress
Wide Piping Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Desert Rose in Light LavenderDesert Rose in Light Lavender
Desert Rose in Light Lavender Sale price655.00 AED
Pearl V Kaftan in PinkPearl V Kaftan in Pink
Pearl V Kaftan in Pink Sale price685.00 AED
Pearl V Kaftan in GreenPearl V Kaftan in Green
Pearl V Kaftan in Green Sale price685.00 AED
Hoodie Tiger DressHoodie Tiger Dress
Hoodie Tiger Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Rada DressRada Dress
Rada Dress Sale price590.00 AED
Tiger Detail Abaya SetTiger Detail Abaya Set
Tiger Detail Abaya Set Sale price470.00 AED
Sold outJulianJulian
Julian Sale price325.00 AED
Pleated Base DressPleated Base Dress
Pleated Base Dress Sale price250.00 AED
Blue Pattern Abaya SetBlue Pattern Abaya Set
Blue Pattern Abaya Set Sale price470.00 AED
Feathers Silky DressFeathers Silky Dress
Feathers Silky Dress Sale price645.00 AED
Boat Neck EmbroideryBoat Neck Embroidery
Boat Neck Embroidery Sale price655.00 AED
Lily Pleat DressLily Pleat Dress
Lily Pleat Dress Sale price470.00 AED
Desert RoseDesert Rose
Desert Rose Sale price655.00 AED
New Embroidery DressNew Embroidery Dress
New Embroidery Dress Sale price595.00 AED
Taffeta Evening DressTaffeta Evening Dress
Taffeta Evening Dress Sale price645.00 AED
Sold outFrench DressFrench Dress
French Dress Sale price625.00 AED
Glamour AbayaGlamour Abaya
Glamour Abaya Sale price870.00 AED
Linen Boat Neck Dress in BlackLinen Boat Neck Dress in Black
Linen Boat Neck Dress in Black Sale price380.00 AED
Linen Boat Neck DressLinen Boat Neck Dress
Linen Boat Neck Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Golden Lines Trouser SetGolden Lines Trouser Set
Golden Lines Trouser Set Sale price555.00 AED
Bee Abaya SetBee Abaya Set
Bee Abaya Set Sale price625.00 AED
French Dress in BlackFrench Dress in Black
French Dress in Black Sale price625.00 AED
Starry DressStarry Dress
Starry Dress Sale price325.00 AED
Delicate DressDelicate Dress
Delicate Dress Sale price470.00 AED
Green Flowers Dress
Green Flowers Dress Sale price325.00 AED
Piping Shirt Dress in BlackPiping Shirt Dress in Black
Piping Shirt Dress in Black Sale price380.00 AED
Sold outPolka DressPolka Dress
Polka Dress Sale price325.00 AED
Gold Embroidery DressGold Embroidery Dress
Gold Embroidery Dress Sale price2,200.00 AED
Brown Flowers Dress
Brown Flowers Dress Sale price325.00 AED
Piping Shirt Dress in Electric BluePiping Shirt Dress in Electric Blue
Soft HK Dress in Electric BlueSoft HK Dress in Electric Blue
Soft HK Dress in Electric Blue Sale price685.00 AED
Golden Pearl AbayaGolden Pearl Abaya
Golden Pearl Abaya Sale price935.00 AED
Red Pleated DressRed Pleated Dress
Red Pleated Dress Sale price470.00 AED
Tokyo Trouser SetTokyo Trouser Set
Tokyo Trouser Set Sale price440.00 AED
Feathers DressFeathers Dress
Feathers Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Art Design DressArt Design Dress
Art Design Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Casual DressCasual Dress
Casual Dress Sale price380.00 AED
Swarovski Stone Abaya SetSwarovski Stone Abaya Set
Swarovski Stone Abaya Set Sale price1,150.00 AED
Snake DressSnake Dress
Snake Dress Sale price685.00 AED